Shoulder Support

  • Provides stability and compression for your shoulder.
  • Designed to alleviate shoulder pain and discomfort
  • Full Adjustable size
  • Can be worn on either shoulder
  • Fits man and woman
  • Premium quality neoprene materials


Shoulder support by DaviSMART, Is designed to alleviate shoulder pain and discomfort by providing support and improve shoulder stability.




It will Help you to recover from overuse injuries, frozen shoulder, AC Joint, Bursitis, dislocated shoulder and rotator cuff by increasing the blood flow and reduce recovery time.


Can be worn on the left or right shoulder, under or over a shirt, also fits men and women.


It is made by Premium quality breathable neoprene materials.





It can be adjusted in two ways: size and compression.

It has a two-way adjustment. One strap will allow you to adjust it at the chest and one at the arm.