Posture Corrector

  • Front Adjustable for easier use
  • Featured dual buckles design, very easy to adjust for a perfect fit
  • Lightweight and Discreet under clothes
  • Universal sizing, Fits between 25”-50” chest circumference under arms
  • Unisex Design






POSTURE can affect a lot of factors within the body that you might not have known. Posture also affects how others view you – if you slouch, people may feel that you’re lazy. Perception is just an outside factor of poor posture. Poor posture can lead to a decline in health. Women are more prone to having poor posture compared to men.

Striving for better posture not only can give you a healthier outlook on life but it can improve many ailments that you may be experiencing






Posture Brace by DaviSMART – Your SMART Choice!



  • Featured dual buckles design, very easy to adjust for a perfect fit.
  • Unisex Design
  • Fits between 25”-50” chest circumference under arms.
  • Additional armpit pads for added comfort









Easy & Convenient Adjustable

  • It can help relieve the pressure in the neck, upper back and shoulder areas.
  • Re-align your spine using the brace regularly.
  • Train your body to automatically sit in a comfortable position while in an office chair using the posture brace.
  • Improve appearance with a straight, aligned posture.
  • It can prevent injury or prevent an injury from becoming worse.






Wearing instructions:
1. In the first week, you can wear the corrector for about 30-40 minutes every day.
2. In the second week, You can add 10-20 minutes of wear every day.
3. After 1 month of using, you will easily maintain a healthy and corrected posture!

Remember to take it off if it begins causing any muscle or back pain.

It’s not recommended that you wear the brace continuously, meaning that you should take it off for sleeping, exercise and during longer periods of time.

Don’t pull the straps too tight– it may worsen blood circulation. Wear the best posture corrector directly on body or cotton clothes