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Have worn it for a few days now and I can tell that it has really helped in relieving the pain from having a fully torn rotator cuff. I wear it over a tee shirt so that it doesn't chaff the skin. Works great.

Steven H.
Shoulder Brace

I love this shoulder support. have had a painful shoulder for over a year, had steroids by an ortho.. and some PT but nothing has worked as this. Pain has reduced considerably and I am regaining use of my hand.

Andrew D
Shoulder Brace

Works very well. I suffer from chronic neck pain, I use this & it takes the pressure off my neck. I use it a couple times a day for about 10 min each time, it seems to really be helping!

Malvina B.
Neck Traction Device

I thought this was a great price and that it was too good to be true BUT it actually works as advertised!! It doesn't leak like some others that I have tried! It provided me relief and I could see a difference if I use it daily!

Carla M.
Neck Traction Device

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